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PRTech LLC Launches MyRez 4.0

Published on March 18, 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii—PRTech LLC, the online marketing affiliate of PacRim Marketing Group, Inc., has launched the fourth iteration of its multilingual, mobile responsive reservations system, MyRez 4.0, which further simplifies online hotel bookings for travelers from Asia and increases hotel market share from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea.

“MyRez 4.0 was created to enhance the user experience, which results in increased conversions, fewer cancellations, and, ultimately, increased revenue for hotels,” said Jon Kaneshiro, Chief Technology Officer. “Hotel management will find it easier to change and promote special rates and packages and upsell optional items as well. Hotel groups also will have the ability to promote multiple properties within their collection.”

In response to increased consumer use of mobile phones, the MyRez 4.0 booking engine is ‘responsive,’ designed to display optimally on a hotel’s Asian-language website on smart phones as well as on computers and other digital devices. Kaneshiro said hotels are already converting English websites into responsive designs and are seeing an increase in views and bookings from mobile phones.

“Making their MyRez 4.0 booking path ‘responsive’ goes hand-in-hand with hotel marketing strategies to anticipate and meet consumer demand,” he said.

The multilingual reservations solution caters to the specific needs of the Asian traveler. Forms have been redesigned based on cultural preferences and EFO (Entry Form Optimization) programming to increase lead conversions. Clearer call-to-action buttons in Asian languages and customizable fields enable properties to collect relevant information for better analytics and building a customer base for remarketing. Guests can revise their search criteria at any step of the booking path without navigating backwards—which results in reduced cancellations. And a timer counts down how much time is left until a promotional rate expires, strengthening a hotel’s call-to-action.

With MyRez 4.0, hotels can drive guest loyalty through automatic sending of customizable confirmation emails, pre-stay welcoming emails and post-stay surveys/thank you emails to the guest. These emails not only serve as confirmation of the transaction, but also allow the hotel to tailor and promote the guest experience.

To boost the guest experience even further, MyRez 4.0’s special concierge support service enables travelers to submit questions and special requests in Japanese, Chinese (simplified or traditional), or Korean. PRTech’s own team of multilingual concierge agents can facilitate all reservations-related questions and answers between hotels and Asian language speaking travelers.

“Along with research and booking capabilities in Asian languages, this unique concierge feature of MyRez is key to building trust and providing a safe and comprehensive booking environment for travelers from Asia,” said Barry Nakano, Director of Business Development at PacRim Marketing Group.

Further simplifying navigation and booking, especially for repeat visitors with flexible travel dates, an intuitive pop-up calendar shows the lowest priced dates and availability at the beginning of the reservations process. Collapsible menus minimize scrolling and show rooms rates at-a-glance. Expanded views allow them to sort rates by room or by package.

For more information, go to Multilingual Reservation Solutions.